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Regs, regs, and more regs. Are you ready for the tasks ahead?

TCT’s We offer the training and management tools necessary to not only comply with new regulations but thrive in what promises to be a challenging environment.

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Keeping policies up to date with changing regulations

TCT's Compliance Solutions are always up to date on all compliance issues, so you can stay up to date as well. To accomplish this, we follow these steps:

  • Evaluate your current policies and procedures
  • Identify changes or enhancements for compliance
  • Submit recommended changes for approval
  • Provide compliant audits in accordance with regulations
  • Deliver training to increase your staff's compliance skills

All aspects of our Compliance Solutions are conducted in a cost-effective manner

To achieve the maximum benefit for your credit union, and to keep costs down,
our Compliance Solutions utilize three distinct delivery methods:

Online Access

This method will be used primarily for review and updates of policies and procedures.

Phone & Streaming

This method will be used for regulatory updates, discussions of practices, and focused training.

On-Site Visits

On-site visits will be employed to conduct audits and more personalized training.

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