Credit unions are expected to manage Interest Rate Risk (IRR). However, the recommended NEV model has gassed out. Our recommendation is that CEOs now employ a simulation model (EAR) versus the NEV model. Here’s why.


Will Rising Rates Throw Your Credit Union Into the Red?

If your credit union is not using the right management tools, rising interest rates could lead to unprofitable operations.

Managers and boards are now facing the dilemma of rising rates


Credit unions can look to TCT Risk Solutions, LLC (TCT) for the management tools and policy assistance needed to effectively manage the risk in their loan portfolios.

Most credit unions have been pretty successful increasing their loan portfolios in the past five years. This growth could be positive (or negative) depending on how the risks in current loan portfolios are managed.

Credit risk in existing loan portfolios needs to be managed through two primary means – in policy and in practice.

Managing Risk through Policy