Joyce M. Rosenberg, in a September 30, 2019 article in,writes that small businesses are having difficulty expanding their companies because traditional lenders are cutting back on lending.

Credit unions may find this an opportunity to expand lending providing they: (1) carefully track profitability of individual services; (2) price loans based on individual risk; (3) have policies in place to assure compliance with regulations and risk control, and (4) manage the risk in loan portfolios.

Caroline Hroncich, in a September 3, 2019 article in, writes that HSAs are expected to surge in coming years – perhaps becoming the IRAs of the future.

The big question for credit unions is the extent to be involved in services such as HSAs and how should they be priced and managed to assure Interest Rate Risk and profitability is managed appropriately.

An August 5, 2019 article in, written by Mary Wisienski, reports that young Americans still like branches to transact income-generating banking business like loan applications, mortgages, etc.

Financial institutions may need to reconsider cutting back on their brick and mortar branches if they wish to maintain a competitive edge with consumers.

Reginald Watson, Regulatory Compliance Counsel, NAFCU in a recent article writes that NCUA will be focusing on Liquidity during 2019 audits.

Too much Liquidity or too little Liquidity can be detrimental for credit unions. They should focus on having just the right amount of Liquidity.