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A September 11, 2019 article in news.cuna.org describes the challenges credit unions are facing as the deadline for Current Expected Credit Losses implementation looms.

Despite objections by CUNA that CECL should not apply to credit unions, NCUA intends to press ahead with the implementation according to the deadline. Credit unions need to be prepared and on schedule for CECL.

A September 9, 2019 article in apnews.com written by Martin Crutsinger describes how consumer borrowing in July, 2019 was the highest in two years.

This is good news for credit unions so long as they are participating in the loan growth, risk is being managed and lending is profitable.

Caroline Hroncich, in a September 3, 2019 article in benefitnews.com, writes that HSAs are expected to surge in coming years – perhaps becoming the IRAs of the future.

The big question for credit unions is the extent to be involved in services such as HSAs and how should they be priced and managed to assure Interest Rate Risk and profitability is managed appropriately.