TCT Risk Solutions is excited to announce the launch of their real time ALM Simulation tool.

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Jim DuPlessis in a May 06, 2019 article in cutimes.com reports that credit unions may be facing more difficulty meeting their loan growth and profitability goals.

Credit unions need to have management tools in place that track key balance sheet numbers and ratios so they can measure progress or lack thereof relating to growth, profitability and achievement of goals.

Karl W. Smith in an April 24, 2019 article in cutimes.com reports that financial upheaval may be in the works for Boomers leading to major changes in their net worth.

Credit unions need to be aware of changing demographics in their market areas as well as the nation that could impact future earnings and lending programs.

Credit Card Charge-Offs Hit Seven Year High

Americanbanker.com in an April 26, 2019 article reports that credit card red flags are flying.

Credit unions need to be managing the risk in their loan portfolios with effective tools that price loans for risk and that make managers aware of the growing risk in existing loan portfolios.