Capital Adequacy

TCT Risk Solutions is excited to announce the launch of their real time ALM Simulation tool.

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Matt Egan, CNN Business, in a May 12, 2020 article on, writes: “The savings rate in the United States climbed from 8% in February to 13.1% in March. That was the highest savings rate since November 1981. And given the disastrous economic news, the savings rate will likely go even higher when April statistics are released.”

In a May 2020 article, on bloomberg news, John Gittelsohn writes: “Delinquencies on U.S. home loans surged by 1.6 million in April, the biggest one-month gain ever, as soaring job losses fueled a 90% jump in missed payments and government programs offered penalty-free delays.”

In a May 15, 2020, article on, Eddy Rodriguez writes: “More than half of Americans who have taken money out of their retirement savings accounts did so to cover basic expenses during the coronavirus pandemic.” Consumers need all the help they can get from their financial institutions. For many credit unions, this will require new or modified services.

In a recent column on, Ann Saphir writes “Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Robert Kaplan on Tuesday repeated his view that the current setting of U.S. interest rates is “roughly appropriate” through the end of this year, even as he noted risks from the flu-like epidemic that has brought parts of China to a halt.”