Strategic Planning

Collaborative approach that engages your board in the total planning process.

Strategic planning is the way a credit union prepares for and creates its own future.  Using a robust analytical format, TCT guides you through the process of defining why you exist (your mission), what is working and not working in your current performance and identify steps to take in order to match performance with your mission.  

An effective way for your credit union to prepare for & create your own future.

TCT Strategic planning guides you to:

  1. Prioritize actions to maximize the use of your valuable resources
  2. Create specific, measureable goals to define what you will accomplish
  3. Connect specific actions to each of your goals to create accountability and foster performance.

Links current performance with future goals to foster strategic vision.

TCT Strategic Planning also connects multiple years to create a steady flow of action and output across each year, increasing efficiency and return.

At TCT, we are committed to offering products and services that allow even the best performing institutions to challenge the status quo and potentially model numerous decisions which could steer the organization to new heights.


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