Other Solutions

On-site Consulting

As requested by management, professionals from the TCT team visit credit unions to provide any of following services:

  • Setup / Maintenance of ALCO Agendas and Minutes
  • Budgeting and Goal Setting
  • Staff Training: Accounting, On-going loan decision with Credit Migration, and Budgeting
  • Board Training: Financial literacy, ALM, Credit Migration, and ALLL

Charter Changes

TCT has guided and assisted multiple credit unions through the process of charter changes. These changes include conversion from Fed to State or State to Fed charters, or Single SEG, Multiple SEG, Community or TIP charters. We prepare full analyses, prepare applications, and guide steps through the regulatory process.

Delinquency Tracking

TCT employs a proprietary tool to track delinquent loans showing days delinquent comparisons across month-ends. This tool provides the collection staff and management with a clear picture of the state of loans over time and the effectiveness of collection efforts.




Collaborative Approach


Financial Literacy

TCT has developed a behavioral based program to teach individuals how to make healthy financial decisions.  This 4-part series addresses how to help your members manage their finances, build budgeting skills, and live within that budget to help avoid financial pitfalls.  TCT provides video based instruction with all the support materials needed to achieve maximum benefit for your members.  Through this program, you can prepare your members to become more responsible borrowers.


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