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In addition to the requirement specified in paragraph (b) of this section to establish and maintain a CFP, any credit union insured pursuant to Title II of the Act that has assets of $250 million or more must establish and document access to at least one contingent federal liquidity source for use in times of financial emergency and distressed economic circumstances. These credit unions must conduct advance planning and periodic testing to ensure that contingent funding sources are readily available when needed. A credit union subject to this paragraph may demonstrate access to a contingent federal liquidity source by:

(1) Maintaining regular membership in the Central Liquidity Facility (Facility), as described in part 725 of this chapter;

(2) Maintaining membership in the Facility through an Agent, as described in part 725 of this chapter; or

(3) Establishing borrowing access at the Federal Reserve Discount Window by filing the necessary lending agreements and corporate resolutions to obtain credit from a Federal Reserve Bank pursuant to 12 CFR part 201


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