The NEV Trend is Running on Fumes

The NEV Trend is Running on Fumes

Modeling your Credit Unions Future

August 9 • 2017 (rescheduled for August 23)

11 am PT • 12 pm MT • 1 pm CT • 2 pm ET 


Presentations from regulators to discuss the use of Value of Risk (NEV) and Earnings at Risk (EAR) in the management of CU IRR. An interagency directive from the OCC (Office of Comptroller Currency) "Encourages all financial institutions to use income simulations." 2012.


This webinar will take a detailed look at each methodology, and discuss their pros and cons. Participants will be guided to see the effects of each methodology in the IRR domain. 


  • Thorough review of regulatory environment and requirements
  • Understand Value at Risk (NEV)
  • Understand the role of assumptions in NEV
  • Understand the underlying constructs supporting EAR
  • Understand the implications of each methodology in managing IRR
  • Discuss accounting strategies related to IRR management 

Who Should Attend:

  • CEO's
  • CFO's
  • Board Members
  • ALCO Committee Members 


Event Details

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

12:00 pm MST