Increase your loan yield by as much as 0.75% annually.

The TCT Risk Based Pricing System covers all risk/costs associated with the loan portfolio, expands ability to increase yield with higher risk loans, enhances earnings and builds equity (capital). It quantifies all lending costs in four categories:

  • Cost of Funds
  • Loan Operations (Activity Based Costing)
  • Collections
  • Charge-offs

Reduce your cost of funds with internally linked metrics.

TCT Risk Based Pricing assures that your credit union has an accurate measurement of costs, applies costs accurately to loan volume and sets rates that will cover all costs and feed equity. TCT Risk Based Pricing is a vital component of a vibrant ALM management plan.

Clients report ROI of over 700% by applying these tools.

The family of products and services we offer are most effective when used in conjunction with each other to maximize both the information received from them as well as the potential of what they provide. This concept of applied ALM provides clients with the composite tools needed to effect asset quality and operating margin.

By giving the clients the tools that measure the effectiveness of their management of products and services, we provide tools that offer opportunity for greater efficiency, profitability and return to members.

Did you know all of our solutions are interconnected?

Learn how they work together to increase your managerial effectiveness.

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