Personalized budget worksheet fits your accounting practices.

The TCT Margin Management Tool is comprised of four distinct functions:

  • Budgeting
  • Variance Reporting
  • Deposit Pricing
  • Equity Management

The combination of the four functions in one tool increases efficiency as the input of monthly data updates all four tools at once.

Easy-to-use format provides a three year budgeting outlook.

The tools primary function is the creation of an internal metric for setting and maintaining deposit rates and budgeting.

Complementing the model, are an Equity Restoration & Retention function and a Budget Analysis and Tracking function. The combination of this information is very important to regulators and credit union executives alike.

Clients report they can create a useful budget in less than one hour.

The merging of these functions creates one user-friendly tool to monitor budgeting, equity, deposit pricing and allowing clients to achieve balance in their overall financial statement management.

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