The Right Click

Posted by Brian Evans on November 12, 2014

There are several actions in Excel that can be accessed simply by highlighting a cell or range of cells in your worksheet, just by clicking the right button on your mouse. This may seem very basic, and many of the functions that pop up when you right click are very basic. The basic functions include Cut, Copy and Paste.

However, with Office 2007 or newer there are hundreds of other options that can be initiated by a simple right click. Do you need to highlight a cell in a different color? You can do that with a right click and the fill button. Do you need to change the formatting of several cells to match another cell? You can do that with a right click and the format painter. Do you need to sort a range of data from highest to lowest? You can do that by highlighting the cells and, you guessed it, right clicking.

Next time you need to make changes to a cell or group of cells, try right clicking, and chances are you will be able to save yourself some time just by clicking that little used button on the right side of your mouse.