A little bit of history.

How it all began.

Thompson Consulting and Training (TCT) started as an idea resulting from credit unions needing assistance managing balance sheet, loan, regulatory and environmental risk. Though some of the earliest strategies and ideas were formulated as far back as 1977, the company was founded in 1986 as a side project for Randy Thompson to work on while he was completing his second doctorate degree.

Although today TCT focuses exclusively on credit unions, for the past 25 years Randy has also helped and worked with healthcare organizations, non-profit companies, public schools, universities, state and federal education systems, manufacturing companies and colleges.

With an emphasized focus on clearly describing where clients are trying to go, TCT analyzes the detail required to complete the journey and the linkages required to get there. The process focuses on the financial analysis required to accomplish client strategic goals, looking at the current balances, yields, trends and income statement components leading to the development of pro-forma financial statements that link the clients current situation to the path of desired results. While TCT started with only two strategic planning clients in 1986, they assist more than twenty with their strategic direction today.

The evolution of the organization.

The foundation of TCT group was formed under a few simple premises. The first, was the love for the people the organization served and interest in helping one another. This was coupled with using objective empirically and statistically valid work. While the underlying models and calculations have very complex calculations and algorithms in place the deliverables needed to make sense and be understandable by all of their intended users. The contention has always been maintained that if the clients understand what is being delivered to them, they will use the tools provided. This maintains its truth today and the message is just as strong.

Though the direction of the products and services we provide have evolved, these principles of valid information and user friendly deliverables maintain their importance and independence today. As we continue to refine our current products, place enhancements within them and engineer new risk mitigation tools, we will ensure we stay true to the original qualities and values which produced the service levels clients have grown to trust in and expect. Though we expect the business to evolve and adapt over the coming years, we still expect to serve the needs our clients want us to address the most.